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**Same day turnaround available**

Tess Primack has been a narrator & producer for award-winning novels, e-learning videos, commercials, and podcasts. She has also recorded kids songs for animated videos (Kid's Academy & ITE Chart-Group).


Having sung on Broadway stages, she is also available for many of your musical needs! Learning music quickly is a speciality of hers.


She is typically hired to work in the 25-45 age range and is excited to bring your words to life from her gorgeous home studio, making sure your message is heard with authenticity! Message, email or call her to work on your project today.

Accents and Dialects: American Southern, Texan, British, RP, Yorkshire, Irish, Eastern European, Russian, Valley Girl, Italian, Brooklyn


Singing: Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Alto, Broadway, Showtunes, Jazz, Blues, Commercial, Pop, Country, Soul, Singing poorly/flat/sharp (on purpose)


Animated, Fresh, Polished, Conversational, Energetic, Youthful, Knowing, Reliable, Vibrant, Millennial, Gen X, Corporate, Humorous, Velvety, Sexy, Musical, Big Sister, Young Mom, Articulate, Educated, Inviting.